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Taizhou Nanfeng Cold-Chain Limited Company (TNCC) is a leading provider of customized refrigeration equipment solutions for a wide range of industries. Established in 1999, TNCC has been consistently delivering top-quality, reliable and energy-efficient products to its global customers.

With over two decades of rich experience and expertise in the field of refrigeration, TNCC offers an extensive range of products including commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, cold storage units, clean cold room systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and more. TNCC's vast selection of products and services has made it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Our Products and Services

TNCC provides an array of refrigeration products that cater to various industry needs. Our products are tailored to meet specific requirements and applications, which include:

Commercial Refrigeration Products: Our commercial refrigeration range includes display cabinets and counters, upright and under-counter chillers, ice makers, and pizza prep tables. These products are designed to cater to the needs of the hospitality and food industry, making it easier for businesses to store and display their food items.

Industrial Refrigeration Products: The industrial refrigeration range at TNCC includes refrigeration units for transport, large-capacity cold storage, and food processing. We provide refrigeration solutions that ensure the safe and effective storage and transport of perishable goods, including meat, dairy, and other food items.

Cold Room Systems: Our cold room solutions are custom-built to meet individual client specifications. From pharmaceuticals to food processing and storage, TNCC's cold room systems guarantee consistent, reliable cold storage solutions that preserve the quality and safety of products.

Clean Cold Room Systems: TNCC designs and builds coronavirus-specific clean cold room systems to help hospitals, laboratories, and medical facilities store and process temperature-sensitive samples, medicines, and vaccines. Our clean cold rooms are built to keep the samples and medical supplies secure and safe from contamination.

HVAC Systems: We provide custom-designed air conditioning and ventilation systems that cater to the specific temperature and air quality requirements of clients. Our HVAC systems meet global standards for performance, efficiency, and safety.

Why Choose TNCC?

TNCC has been recognized and awarded for its commitment to providing customers with top-quality refrigeration solutions that exceed their expectations. Our extensive product range, technical expertise, and outstanding customer service make us a top choice for businesses looking for exceptional refrigeration solutions.

Quality Assurance: TNCC is committed to quality and safety, which is why we follow strict quality assurance regulations and standards. We comply with international standards such as CE, CB, ROHS, and ETL to ensure that our products are safe and durable.

Quick and Efficient Service: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide quick and efficient assistance to our clients. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, guaranteeing that our clients remain satisfied from start to finish.

Expertise and Experience: TNCC has over two decades of experience in the refrigeration industry, and its team of experts includes experienced engineers, technicians, and designers that provide customized solutions for clients.

R&D and Innovation: We invest in ongoing research and development to ensure that our products remain up-to-date with industry trends, as well as in line with new regulations, customer needs, and technological advancements.


TNCC has come a long way since its inception, and we are proud of the reputation we have developed so far. Our goal is to continue providing customers with exceptional refrigeration solutions while striving to exceed expectations. We continuously expand our product range and improve our services through ongoing innovation, research and development, and investment. TNCC's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from competitors, and we take pride in the trust our clients have in us to deliver reliable and quality refrigeration solutions.
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